Who produces the most cotton in the US? (2023)

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Who produces the most cotton in us?

U.S. cotton is grown predominantly in 17 southern-tiered “Cotton Belt” States—from Virginia to California. Cotton is planted from March to June and harvested from August to December. Among the U.S. States, Texas is the largest producer, contributing approximately 40 percent of U.S. cotton production in recent years.

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Who produces most cotton?

The top cotton producing countries include China, India and the United States respectively. Within the United States, the Southern states traditionally harvest the largest quantities of cotton.

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What is the 3 largest producer of cotton?

The United States is the third-largest producer of cotton after India and China. The United States is one of the major producers of oil in the world.

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Where does the best cotton produced in the US come from?

The majority of pima cotton is grown in California because of its warm springs, hot summers, and dry falls. But the best pima cotton is grown in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Whether it's pima or upland, the most important aspect of cotton is its purity.

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Is Texas the biggest cotton producer?

This statistic shows the leading ten U.S. states with the highest cotton production in 2022. In that year, Texas was estimated to produce about 3.5 million bales of cotton. The United States in total were ranked as third leading cotton producing country worldwide in 2021/2022.

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Who is the biggest consumer cotton?

Asian countries dominate the cotton production as well as they are also one of the biggest consumers of cotton. China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are the largest cotton consumers worldwide, accounting for one of the highest global consumption.

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Who exports the most cotton?

Cotton are the world's 51st most traded product. In 2021, the top exporters of Cotton were China ($12.1B), India ($10B), United States ($7.21B), Vietnam ($3.92B), and Brazil ($3.61B).

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Who is the biggest producer and exporter of cotton?

The United States is the leading exporter of cotton worldwide.

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Where is the world's best cotton grown?

Egyptian cotton is hand picked which guarantees the highest levels of purity. In addition, hand picking puts no stress on the fibres - as opposed to mechanical picking - leaving the fibres straight and intact. All these factors have resulted in Egyptian cotton being by far the best cotton in the world.

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Which country has the best cotton in the world?

Egyptian cotton is acknowledged as the best quality, long staple cotton in the world. Although it historically all came from Egypt, today “Egyptian” cotton is grown worldwide.

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What is the best cotton in the world?

Pima Cotton

Pima is considered the finest cotton on earth. As an extra-long staple (ESL) cotton, its long fibers make it extra soft and extra strong. The result? Luxuriously smooth fabric that is resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading.

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How much do farmers make per acre of cotton?

The latest USDA 2022 cotton cost-of-production forecast is $803.51 per acre. In October, USDA projected the season-average cotton farm price for the 2022-23 marketing year at 90 cents per pound. For example, 900 pounds per acre at 90 cents per pound equals $810 per acre.

Who produces the most cotton in the US? (2023)
Is Egyptian cotton better than American cotton?

Fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton so are worth putting the slight extra bit of money into. Since finer yarns mean a higher thread count, the weave of the fabric is significantly stronger and lasts a lot longer than regular cotton.

Is Egyptian cotton grown in the US?

Egyptian Cotton Quality

The world leaders in Egyptian cotton production are India, China and the US.

Why is cotton King in Texas?

Because of the fertile land and abundant water, Hill County has always had an agricultural economic base. In the early years of the county, farmers cultivated cotton as a "cash crop" to provide money for items they needed to buy.

Why is cotton growing illegal?

As a way of supporting boll weevil eradication, Congress put the Boll Weevil Eradication Equity Act in place. This act states that cotton may not be grown for noncommercial purposes without a special waiver issued by the state's plant board.

Do people still pick cotton in Texas?

Some areas of Texas and Oklahoma use pickers but on the High Plains (Lubbock & Amarillo, Texas are two of the bigger cities in that area) cotton strippers are commonly used. Strippers pull more of the plant into the equipment which means there will be additional cleaning or ginning needed.

Which is the cheapest cotton in the world?

Indian cotton is now cheaper than anywhere else in the world, trading at a 12-15 percent discount to prices globally, after falling to five-year lows.

What is the cotton capital of the world?

Manchester's status as the cotton capital of the world was cemented, as its capacity for import and export expanded further.

How much cotton does China buy from us?

China had imported cotton worth $1.601 billion in 2021 and imports reached $2.899 billion in the first eleven months of 2022. The inbound trade increased to $1.604 billion in 2020 against imports of $731.486 million of 2019.

Where does the US ship cotton?

Top 10 Export Markets for U.S. Cotton
Top 10 Export Markets for U.S. Cotton (values in million USD)
Country20162019-2020 % Change
9 more rows

Does the US export cotton to China?

In 2021, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Turkey imported 25.4 million bales of U.S. cotton, and China imported 9.5 million bales.

Who is the 2nd largest producer of cotton in the world?

India is the largest cotton producer in the world with 6,188,000 tonnes production volume per year. China comes second with 6,178,318 tonnes yearly production.

What state has the best cotton?

Texas was the largest producer of cotton in the United States in 2020 followed by Georgia and Arkansas. The United States produced over 14.9 million bales of cotton in 2020, down 4.96 million bales from the prior year. Texas accounted for nearly 32% of U.S. cotton production in 2020.

Where is the softest cotton in the world grown?

Pima cotton grows in Peru, Australia, and the Southwest of the United States of America. Still, only 3% of Pima cotton in American textile is native to the country, making it a rare commodity in the region.

What is the most expensive cotton?

The Sea Island Cotton is considered the most valuable (and expensive) cotton in the world. Depending on the provenience of cotton there are considerable differences in color: the cotton varies from nearly white (American varieties) to yellowish (Egyptian varieties) to the reddish-brown (Chinese varieties).

What is the softest cotton in the world?

Supima cotton is a high-quality type of cotton that is made from Gossypium barbadense . It is considered to be one of the softest and strongest forms of cotton in the world, and the methods of production and certification that are used for Supima cotton are different than those used for Pima cotton.

What country has the best fabric?

China is renowned to produce the best silk fabric in the world. It is a strong, lightweight, and beautiful fabric that is durable and affordable. Apart from this, many companies also source cotton from China.

What country consumes the most cotton?

1. China - 6,423,000 tons. Being home to the largest population in the world makes China the largest producer, consumer, and importer of cotton. There are an estimated 300 million people involved in producing cotton in China.

What is the purest cotton?

Supima cotton is 100% American grown Pima cotton which is also considered to be one of the best cotton in the market.

Is USA cotton good?

COTTON USA's fiber fineness (micronaire), and color quality are excellent. Micronaire is key to producing yarns for knit fabric formers. And we make the job of dyeing yarn much easier. Most U.S. cotton now classes as a white grade, the easiest fiber to dye, as compared to spotted or tinged grade.

Which is better Pima or Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton can handle wash temperature of up to 40 degree Celsius while Pima cotton can be washed to 60 degree Celsius. The Egyptian cotton touch is tremendously soft and smooth while Pima is just as soft boasting a high absorbency rate.

Is cotton more profitable than corn?

Nonirrigated cotton production is estimated to have returns of $212.86 per acre. Average returns for irrigated corn are estimated at $346.08 per acre. Nonirrigated corn returns are $308.18 per acre. Irrigated soybean returns are at estimated $167.08 per acre, and nonirrigated soybean returns are $37.46 per acre.

How much is a pound of cotton worth?

Interactive chart of historical daily cotton prices back to 1969. The price shown is in U.S. Dollars per pound. The current price of cotton as of April 25, 2023 is $0.7600 per pound.

How long does it take to pick an acre of cotton?

Harvesting Cotton and Cotton Yield per Acre. 5,5 to 6,5 months after sowing, cotton is normally ready to be harvested.

Is pima cotton real cotton?

Pima cotton is an ultra-soft fabric that incorporates long cotton fibers. Most types of cotton use relatively short fibers, but Pima is one of a few kinds of cotton that are considered to be extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, which means that they are composed of fibers that are longer than 34 millimeters.

What is the longest staple cotton?

Egyptian Cotton and regular cotton actually come from entirely different plants. Egyptian cotton is grown along the Nile River Valley in Egypt, this cotton produces the finest longest staples and has been used for over 140 years.

Is 100% Egyptian cotton the same as 100% cotton?

Egyptian cotton is stronger than regular cotton, therefore longer-lasting. It's partly thanks to the extra-long fibres that Egyptian cotton plants produce, making yarns tougher yet oh so soft.

Is there any cotton fabric made in the USA?

The Clothworks American Made Brand is a well-loved brand for quilters in the US. Why? Well, for starters, the cotton for the American Made Brand fabrics is grown, woven, and dyed all here in the United States.

Why do they call it Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton originates from cotton plants called Gossypium barbadense, which flourished along the River Nile in Egypt. The soil here has an inherent chemical composition that is suited to growing cotton.

What is another name for Egyptian cotton?

Other names associated with this species include Sea Island, Egyptian, Pima, and extra-long staple (ELS) cotton.
Gossypium barbadense
Species:G. barbadense
Binomial name
Gossypium barbadense L.
11 more rows

Who is the largest exporter of cotton?

The United States is the leading exporter of cotton worldwide.

Why is it illegal to grow cotton in Florida?

Considerations: It is not legal to plant this plant. A Florida law was passed in the early 1900s banning the growing of wild cottons, which can attract boll weevils. The intent was to protect commercial cotton farming.

Why is it illegal to grow cotton in some states?

Cotton is easy to grow, but here, as in other states, home plants are regulated because if allowed to grow continually (and often organically), they may become vectors for disease or pests that can threaten agricultural crops.

Who is the largest exporter of cotton in the world?

Cotton are the world's 51st most traded product. In 2021, the top exporters of Cotton were China ($12.1B), India ($10B), United States ($7.21B), Vietnam ($3.92B), and Brazil ($3.61B). In 2021, the top importers of Cotton were China ($9.73B), Bangladesh ($8.91B), Vietnam ($4.99B), Turkey ($3.99B), and Pakistan ($2.46B).

Who is the second largest exporter of cotton in the world?

Brazil provides 20% of the world's cotton supply, making it the second largest cotton exporter in the world. Cotton represents Brazil's seventh-largest export product in terms of value: in the market year 2021/2022 alone, 1.68 thousand tons were exported, generating more than USD 3.2 billion in cash.

Who exports more cotton than any other country in the world?

The United States is the leading exporter of cotton, and China is the largest importer, binding these two nations as partners in the global cotton market.

What's the best cotton in the world?

Pima Cotton

Pima is considered the finest cotton on earth. As an extra-long staple (ESL) cotton, its long fibers make it extra soft and extra strong. The result? Luxuriously smooth fabric that is resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading.

Why is cotton not being harvested?

U.S. cotton farmers projected to harvest fewest acres since Reconstruction due to drought. If the newest harvest projections hold, U.S. farmers will harvest the least number of cotton acres in over 150 years.

Can Texas grow cotton?

Planting usually begins in February and March in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and progresses into June in the south High Plains. Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) is the dominant type planted throughout Texas.

Can you grow cotton in your back yard?

Cotton is a wonderful plant. Not only does it look great in your garden, but it produces fiber that you can spin for thread or yarn and make clothes with. You will need a long growing season, fertile soil, and adequate moisture, plus plenty of heat, particularly later in the season.

Is it illegal to pick cotton in Texas?

Recently amended in 2009 by the 81st Texas Legislature, the Texas agriculture code requires a landowner or operator to destroy noncommercial (volunteer) cotton. The Texas Department of Agriculture is charged with enforcing noncommercial cotton regulations.

Why can't cotton seeds be shipped to Texas?

It is illegal for homeowners to grow cotton where cotton is a cash crop, because of the boll weevil eradication problem. The boll weevil eradication zone runs from Virginia down to Texas, and out to Tennessee and Missouri, especially Texas or Arkansas, where the weevil is still active.

Is cotton farming bad?

Cotton farming pollution

The heavy use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers harms the environment over time. These toxic chemicals also threaten human health, wildlife, water, and soil.

Where are most American cotton seeds made?

Texas consistently produces the most cotton, followed by Georgia and Mississippi. Two types of cotton are grown in the United States: American upland (Gossypium hirsutum) and American pima (Gossypium barbadense), or extra-long staple (ELS) cotton.

Where does IKEA source its cotton?

Most of the cotton used in IKEA products comes from China, India and Pakistan. Production in those countries is both a major contributor to the local economy and employment and a source of environmental, social and economic problems.


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